Winn Dixie Sucks

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Yesterday I woke up, and I felt like shit. I got this cold that keeps coming and going. I feel good one day then like shit the next. Zicam is should a good cold remedy. I love that shit.

I went to get my paycheck at work, and then me, Ed, and Chris, the crew, went to McDonald’s. Fun shit. Throwing ketchup packets at eachother. I saw a chick from work there talking to someone. I didn’t say anything to her. The manager at that McDonald’s always fucks with me. She’s great. Like when I ask for ketchup she’ll be like ‘No.’ Then I’ll say ‘Pleeeeease’. It’s fun.

To the shit talking now. Fucking Winn-Dixie. This place that I work at is a fucking joke. They have over 1,200 stores in 12 states. They are a publicaly traded company on the NYSE, and it’s amazing just how much they suck. It’s their business. It’s horrible. They could fill in so many gaps and make themselves so much better, but they don’t. Ya know why? Because the managers don’t give a shit either. They’re just happy they’re a manager, they’re glad they don’t gotta do the shit that I do anymore. They don’t give a shit about making the store better. This new manager at my store… Jeremy. I happen to think he’s a cocksucker. He’s a young guy, and he tries to do a good job. But… He’s a horrible boss. A good boss will tell you when you do a good job, and when you do a bad job. He will be personalbe. He will say ‘Hey Matt’. Not just walk by you as if you’re just another Winn-Dixie drone. He likes to get on me about shaving my beard. It’s not my fault this cocksucker has beard envy. Company dress code is bullshit. I really truly believe that not one customer would give a shit about me having a small beard. It’s fucking stupid. I officially own the domain Some fucking cocksucker has It’s not even being used. It’s parked. Fucking pisses me off. I plan on making a nice anti Winn Dixie website. To deal with my hate for work. As soon as I turn 18, I’m looking for someone else. This job isn’t for me. I am way above it.

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  1. I agree dude… I have worked at Winn-Dixie for a little more than a year as a stocker and that job is bullshit. It’s funny cuz’ everyone hates the stock crew but we do all the important shit in the store. And the part about the managers blowing… no joke. Fuck Winn-Dixie.

  2. I work at Winn-Dixie too, in Pine Hills in Orlando, Florida. The place is a shit hole. There's dirt all over the floor, the bathrooms are ALWAYS out of order and flooded with human waste, meat packages leak everywhere, NONE of the machines in the store work. They pay certain employees (myself included) less than legal minimum wage. The store director is the most arrogant, mean, cold-hearted, fake, two faced ass hole manager it's ever been my displeasure to meet. The place gets away with murder. Just wanted you to know that l am totally on the same page with you. Fuck Winn-Dixie.

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  3. I am so sick and tired of the games they play with sale prices. They have Cambells chicken noodle soup, normaly 1.28, everywhere else its 1.00. Buy one get one FREE. OK it doesn't say limit one. I buy four cans, think I will get two FREE. NOT!!. Pay 1.29 for 3 cans, one can free. Then the Post honey oat clusters are buy one get one free. I wasn't even going to buy that brand cause its so high, but, the sign says all varietys. Got choclate and vanilla, since the regular was, as usual, sold out. Got charged for both of them. Since they run you thorugh the checkout like cows to slaughter, you don't have time to check every price. We need to start a club. The I got f%!@ed at Winn Dicky Club.

  4. I was a Seafood Manager for many years with Winn-Dixie, as well as a Meat Cutter. I quit in August 2009 becuase of constant harrassment from the store Manager, I had the #1 Seafood Dept in the District and was #6 in the whole Company, but to the store manager it wasn't good enough, after much harrassment i told his ass where to stick it, the 3 cent raise i got didn't help matters either. I was making $11.04 an hour and it sucked ass with thier little Fresh-Check bullshit and paperwork crap, no help no nothing. I now work for Whole Foods market as a Meat cutter making $17.65 an hour. Fuck Winn-Dixie #495 in Pensacola And Fuck Steve Gannon, Peter Lynch can suck my dick!!!!!!! I'd like to bomb Winn-Dixie!!!!!!!!

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